New Project - fw_neopixel_pride

I've uploaded a guide for my latest project. I call it fw_neopxiel_pride, and it's a simple piece of wearable jewelry for LGBTQ Pride month, built with a microcontroller and CircuitPython. The project guide is here, and you can find the code on GitHub. Check it out, and Happy Pride!

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The Journey Begins

Welcome, and thanks for joining me on my maker journey. My intention is to write about the stuff that interests me as I re-immerse myself in making stuff. I know electronics and microcontrollers (CircuitPython, Arduino, etc.) are going to be a major focus. I want to learn to use the cool tools in my local Makerspace: 3-D printer, laser cutter, CNC router. What else might be included? We’ll find out as we journey together.

Since I'm starting afresh, I thought I'd talk about my journey as a maker, and what brought us together in this little corner of cyberspace.

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