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Part of the fun of making cool stuff is, of course, that when you’re done you have cool stuff. (I know, of course it is!) But the other part of the fun is sharing what you’ve learned with others so they can learn from — and hopefully be inspired by — it. The guides in this section document my projects and learnings.

CircuitPython Projects

CircuitPython is a version of the Python programming language that runs on microcontrollers. It provides an easy development and testing cycle, a REPL for debugging and exploration, and a robust set of libraries to support sensors, displays, and other peripherals.

These are some of my CircuitPython-based projects.

Electronics Projects

What did we do in the days before cheap, plentiful microcontrollers? We built things with discrete components and analog or digital ICs, of course. It may have been harder, but not every project needs a microcontroller!

These are some of my electronics projects that aren’t microcontroller-based.

Back to Basics

I took an electronics class in high school but I realize now that I’ve forgotten a ton, and also there were gaps in my conceptual knowledge. Some of this is because I’ve mostly learned as I’ve gone along, and some is because Past Tammy had a severe fear of math. I’m working to get over that, and as I go along, I’m working to fill in my knowledge gaps.

These guides document some of that journey.


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