Of Emacs and Tools

Posted on Sun 01 March 2020 in emacs • Tagged with emacs, tooling

For those who aren’t familiar, Emacs is a text eeditor - and much more. First created in 1976, Emacs is built - and extensible - in the Lisp programming language. And this gives it an enormous amount of power. People have extended Emacs to include e-mail and newsgroup functionality, full-featured IDEs for …

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Thoughts on CircuitPython for 2020

Posted on Tue 07 January 2020 in circuitpython • Tagged with circuitpython

Over on the Adafruit blog, they asked “what do you want from CircuitPython in 2020. For those that aren’t familiar with it, CircuitPython is a project to allow programming of embedded microcontrollers in Python. It’s pretty much wonderful, and I’ve been using it for almost all of …

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Hello, and Pardon the Dust

Posted on Mon 06 January 2020 in misc

Welcome, and pardon the dust. More to come as soon as I finish migrating from WordPress.

New Project - fw_neopixel_pride

Posted on Fri 31 August 2018 in projects • Tagged with circuitpython, neopixel, wearables

I’ve uploaded a guide for my latest project. I call it fw_neopxiel_pride, and it’s a simple piece of wearable jewelry for LGBTQ Pride month, built with a microcontroller and CircuitPython. The project guide is here, and you can find the code on GitHub. Check it out, and Happy …

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The Journey Begins

Posted on Thu 30 August 2018 in misc

Welcome, and thanks for joining me on my maker journey. My intention is to write about the stuff that interests me as I re-immerse myself in making stuff. I know electronics and microcontrollers (CircuitPython, Arduino, etc.) are going to be a major focus. I want to learn to use the …

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